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Temperture error caused by cold air?

Hi guys,
i have a quastion. I have a rig with 8 480 / 580 and add a RX 5700 XT.
The rig runs the whole day between 20 - 23 C° fine. At night i open the window a bit, I thought this is a goud idea. However after 3 - 4 hours i get the temperature error and the rig stops and does not reboot or it reboots and no card starts not working. I have to do hard reset switching PSU off and on. Even after this some at some cards the fans does run real high (80 - 100%) but the tempereture of all cards are just 60 - 79 C°. So no need to run the fans this high. After 15 minutes all runs fine for the whole day.

Well it is not a serious problem but i thought i write it down. Does anybody else have had some similar problems?

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