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Telegram Notifications sometimes dont come

i have a problem with Telegram Notifications.

I have several problems with it.

  1. MY FI in electric got off, and all the power in the room was off, so all 6 rigs are offline and my switch / router too. I get no message on the telegram chat, that anything is offline. how can i fix this?

  2. Often the messages come in the wrong order. A rig goes offline and 3 mins later online, but in telegram it first goes online and 10 mins later offline. Then i check rigs online, but everything is online, so the second message 10 mins later which says offline was in reality before the online message.

  3. Often i dont get a message that a rig is offline. Every day when i come from work i go into the hiveos and check my 6 rigs. And see something is offline since 6 hours, but i didnt get a message.

Can someone help? really annoys me, because i created a company a few weeks ago, and want to acquire much more gpus, and need the functionality of the telegram bot.

Greeting, Ambro


I have the same problem with telegram.

I set it up with Discord and seems okay.
All of your problems will be fixed (at least mine did).

Hi BigPoppa,

thanks for the clue.
I use discord and will set it up later.

thats just the nature of the bot, its not always 100% real-time and should be used as a tool, not relied upon as be all end all.

BigPoppa thanks, its working 100% fine :slight_smile: Have a nice evening :slight_smile:

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