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TeamRedMiner won't select specific gpu

gpu 2 is a 4gb card and I want it mining ETC
But teamredminer won’t let me select which gpu to mine but use every amd card
tried different setting for hours but no luck plz help

one of the settings i tried

teamredminer would just use every gpu it can and crash shortly

Post the view of the GPUs in your rig.

Each miner will number a bit differently, TRM and T-Rex will both start counting from “0”.

Not sure about the impacting of mixing gminer into the picture.

I don’t think it is a gminer issue
have already tried other miners
gminer+nbminer lolminer+gminer would be fine
only teamredminer would cause trouble since it won’t let my rx570 4g go
and my rig will crash I think it is two miners fighting for one 4g card
but i want TRM for my radeon vii…

TRM hijacking gpu 2

I suspect gminer will require removal of all GPUs but your 570. Not sure if it counts the iGPU, I don’t use gminer.

I suspect TRM only needs the RX removed.

Each miner view the GPU number list slightly different.

You’re putting the config in the wrong field. Put the config in the top box, not the one for the second trm coin

already tried shuffling boxes, didn’t work

i can see in your screenshot you have the config in userconfig 2, that only applies to the second coin that trm is mining.

oh so that box not that box, i get what you’re saying
will try now

i’m just dumb, or drunk, or both.
didn’t realize i was configing dual mining thingy all this time
it works fine now thank you

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