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TeamRedMiner switch off AUTO FAN

Hej Guys,

how do i switch FAN Control OFF from TRM ?
And are there any other command lines to tune it a bit more :slight_smile: ?


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Fan control options (BETA feature):
โ€“fan_control(=CFG1,CFG2,โ€ฆ) This argument enables gpu fan control by the miner. TRM supports
auto-adjusting the gpu fan speed(s) based on core, junction and/or mem temp.
We also support setting a static fan speed in percent.

                          Each gpu type has a fan configuration that will be used by default.  We support
                          both overriding the default configuration per gpu type as well as setting a
                          specific config per gpu in the rig.

                          A fan config consists of (max) six values, separate by the ':' (colon) char.  The values
                          are: core target temp, junction target temp, mem target temp, initial fan speed in
                          percent, min fan speed in percent, max fan speed in percent.  Any value can be left empty.
                          These are a few examples:
                          ::70:50:25   Target mem temp to 70C, start fan at 50% speed, min fan speed 25%.
                          55::::20:80  Target core temp to 55C, start fan at default configuration's speed,
                                       always keep fan between 20% and 80%.
                          55::75:80    Adjust fan so that core temp is <= 55C and mem temp is <= 75C, start
                                       fan at 80%.
                          :::100       Set static fan speed to 100%, never adjust based on temps.

                          The fan configuration used for a gpu is derived in the following precedence order:
                          1. The --fan_control argument was passed a list of configurations and included an
                             entry for gpu X.
                          2. The default fan configuration for this gpu type was overridden with a
                             --fan_default_<type>=... parameter.
                          3. Use the built-in default fan configuration for this gpu type.

                          In the list above, if the chosen configuration is missing the start value for the fan
                          the setting from the next configuration is used.

                          NOTE: fan support is a beta feature and will not work better than the support the
                          drivers provide.  For example, many times the drivers under linux don't allow forcing a
                          fan to 100% using the sysfs pwm support.

  --fan_default_polaris=CFG Set the default config used for all Polaris gpus (450/460/550/560/470/480/570/580/590).
                          The built-in default is 55:::50 for 55C core temp and fan starting at 50%.
  --fan_default_vega=CFG    Set the default config used for all Vega gpus (Vega 56/Vega 64).
                          The built-in default is 55::70:50 for 55C core temp, 70C mem temp and fan at 50%.
  --fan_default_vega2=CFG   Set the default config used for all Radeon VII gpus.
                          The built-in default is 70::75:80 for 70C core temp, 75C mem temp and fan at 80%.
  --fan_default_navi=CFG    Set the default config used for all Navi (Navi10).
                          The built-in default is 60::80:70 for 60C core temp, 80C mem temp and fan at 70%.
  --fan_default_big_navi=CFG  Set the default config used for all Big Navi (Navi21).
                          The built-in default is 50:::70 for 50C core temp and fan at 70%. The reason for
                          not including mem temp is a missing sensor in the Windows ADL library.
  --fan_debug               Enable log printouts related to adjustments.
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thanks ya habibi :slight_smile:

But I cant find in the readme to disable the fancontrol, I want to let hiveos do the fan control.
can anyone tell me what the command is?

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is deactivated by default. just activte fan control at hive os

Thanks @onlylooknotouch
I have read above commands, but i still dont get it.
If you have 4 gpu and you want memory temp 85 and min. fanspeed 50.
What is the command?
โ€“fan_control=CFG1 ::85::50
โ€“fan_control=CFG2 ::85::50
etc untill cfg4???
This command TRM doesnt accept. Anyone could help me?

I using for two navi cards --fan_default_navi=60::85:70
but tested ok with --fan_control=60::85:70,60::87:72

Initial GPU fan target configurations
GPU Core Jnct Mem Init speed Min speed Max speed
0 60C 85C 70% 0% 100%
1 60C 87C 72% 0% 100%


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