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TeamRedMiner migration V 0.8.0 info overclock AMD RX 5700 XT Bios mod Sapphire Nitro + OC

In the end, I managed an excellent setting with bios mod as per guide obtained 55.85 MH / s with 82 Watts of consumption.

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Hi @Claudio_Fresta

Can share your TRM parameters?


What parameters do you want?

Just curious TRM params when u do this test
Because from the pictures, i only can see your OC settings

Btw, my gpu is 5700xt also


Hi go to this section where I explained and sent all the answers and see everything there.
Bye and have a good day.

do i need to flash the gpu bios for these settings ?

if you want low consupption and much hashrate (YES)!

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Hi, when I try to mod my cards with my original BIOS, the card dead, my card BIOS is locked, when I use other BIOS to mod, the power consumption does not decrease. please help me. please send to my email the bios mod. my card: gigabyte 5700 xt oc gaming chip micron. [email protected]

Facciamo così mandami il tuo bios originale stock che ti faccio io la modifica te lo rimando pronto alla mia email [email protected]

Hello @Claudio_Fresta !
Can you please help me? :slight_smile:
I followed the guide from Teamredminer (I just used 3x for the tREF instead of 2x) then I set the same values for the OC as you but I had a very bad result…

I have around 55MH/s with more than 120/130 W… why?
I appreciate a lot if you can help me :slight_smile:

Make ref values x2 And check … maybe u push the cards to hard… thats why u wattage is high the need more power…

I tried again and I used x2 this time…
I set the same parameters as here but still with higher watt…

What can I do??

Here the my card and data:

And this is my…

If you see the power cosumption through hiveos (u are too far from real…) check with your power meter at the wall…

Yes yes at wall I have the same consumption… Mmmm
Can you send to me your BIOS?

Ragazzi la mia e una shapphire assorbe un po meno delle altre marche di gpu!
Avete messo il comando -mode B608 nelle configurazioni extra all’interno del minatore??

No, non l’ho messo…
Ma quando fa l’auto tuning lo setta in automatico il parametro migliore, no?

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Devi metterlo 789

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Thanks for sharing this thread!

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