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Teamredminer Localhost Error

So thats what version i am running. so you recommend changing the drivers to 20.30 drivers on the 5.0.21 image?

Why is it that the other rigs arent encountering the same problem yet running same OS and drivers?

nevermind, i found it, didnt see the new image.

downloading and will test and let you know what happens.


@HaloGenius yea so that didnt work.

it ran a bit longer but then still got the dreaded localhost error. or the rig just turns off.

makes no sense

I know this is several months old, but I’m gonna post this regardless - in case someone else comes in looking for the answer to this.

Someone in the Discord server was having this issue, and he couldn’t find any answers. He isn’t 100% sure what got it to work, he tried fresh install - didn’t work.

He said that there was an OC that it didn’t like, and he removed it and that seemed to fix it.

So, if anyone comes here looking for a solution; I don’t have a 100% guaranteed one, but try removing your overclocks and seeing if that fixes the problem.


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