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TeamRedMiner - GPU Job abort failure, decreasing intensity -8

Hello guys,

im facing since quite a while this issue on my 6x RX 5700 XT rig using Biostar TB250 Pro board:

“GPU x Job abort failure, decreasing intensity -8 …”

Happens 1-3 times per 24 hours and on all 6 GPUs!

Cards are bios modded and with moderate OC (900mhz Memory max)

Thank you for your insights!

Interested in this, I face this sometimes too. Then when I try to stop the miner, the rig freezes.

Not sure what causes it.

I can stop the miner and also simply restart it. No freezes for me.
Watchdog is also working in this case without any problems.
Thanks god…

I would suggest trying to change the riser. I have found risers to be the cause of MANY of my problems. They are thrown together as cheaply as possible, and so they can have a large effect on the stability of your system.

You can try swapping riser 0 with riser 1, and riser 4 with riser 5, and see if that changes the fault to the other gpus. Just some thoughts

I solved the issue.
It was only caused due to instable OC settings even when the GPU’s did not die in TeamRedMiner. Since i am running higher voltages, everything is fine.

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