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Teamredminer: GPU 1 Detected Dead When Using PCIE Riser Card

Looking for some assistance,

My mobo has 2 PCIE slots.

Slot 1 is connected to my 1st GPU via a PCIE ribbon extender cable.

Slot 2 has a riser card in it.

After installing my 2 new GPU’s using the PCIE riser card, I receive the following message and the system reboots and then disables any GPUs connected to through the riser.

GPU 1: detected DEAD (0e:00.0), will execute restart script

Are any drivers required for riser cards?

The system detects any card connected through the riser but then kills them off.

Has anyone else seen this issue?


whats the OC settings you use for this ?

The only variables I’ve set are

Core clock 1200
Fan 75%

The rest is blank

All cards work fine when attached direct to the board.

Possibly faulty PCIE riser board?

well check risers yes. if they work on a PCIe slot…

What OC settings should I be using for the 6700xt?

I can see some recommendations adding variables to the OC settings but I’ve also seen on other posts that solutions have been to tweek these bit by bit until it solves the problem?


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