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TeamRed Miner not working with HiveOn Pool SSL

May be a miner bug. I run Phoenixminer with HiveOn Pool with SSL connection.
If i just swith from Phoenixminer to TeamRed Miner in the Flightsheet it does not connect to HiveOn pool over SSL. If i switch to non SSL it runs without any issues.

Not a big problem but want to mention it.


I noticed this in both Hiveon and Nanopool, as well. Haven’t tried SSL since, but both pools seem to work fine nonSSL.

Mining ETH via TMR

is there a fix for this problem ?
Thank you

Found the reason here :

SSL is a paid feature (Need a Personal Plan to enable it).

Why does phoenixminer work fine with SSL though?

@tkminer thats exact the question i had for he last view month :wink: