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Team red miner payouts

Ok I am new to mining, setup my rig the other day, overstocked it and it’s been running great ever since. The question I have now is how do I get payed out and where can I see how much I have mined so far am in the team red miner pool, will it payout through hive or do I need to do something else

I run Team Red Miner, as my miners on my Rigs. I don’t think I have ever heard of a Team Red Miner Ethereum Pool.

I am guessing you are running HiveOS + Team Red Miner software as your miner.

Which pool do you have selected in your flight sheets?

You had to select a wallet as well, but let’s avoid posting that…

Thank you for your response l had my terminology wrong but I now know that I need to put my miners address into ethermine could you tell me how to find that. Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

I am guessing, you want to track your “wallet” address on Ethermine’s web interface to show the miners whose efforts are tied to that wallet address? Could be (1) or more depending your gear :slight_smile:

It’s on Ethermines main page, click “Miner Address” and put in your “wallet”

I am assuming you have an ETH wallet?
I am assuming you have your rig visible in HiveOS.
Is it showing that it is running now?

Yes I have a wallet, yes the rig is visible and running. I did what you said and it is asking me to choose from a series of programs to download I chose team red miner. I will now have to go in and let my computer accept the program. One side question here. So my computer is running a 3070 that I am mining with as well which is separate than my rig which is running an amd 6800. Will there be any confusion on the part of the program in recognizing the two different cards on 2 different systems? My computer which has the 3070 in it uses minerstat…

I am a bit lost on the usage of “program” in your sentence.

Team Red Miner will not support a 3070. Depending on the OS target for support, I happen use T-Rex miner with my nVidia GPUs.

If you have a functional mining configuration, pointed at the same pool, and wallet, your pool should not care what Operating system, number of rigs, miner, or brand of GPU.

Speculating “program” is being used for the mining pool.

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