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Team red Miner failed to list opencl devices

Hey guys,

i set up my new farm and install all of the updates on hiveos, drives etc but i still get error messege wit TRM in hiveos: failed to list opencl devices.

I am using Radeon RX 5700 XT 8176 MB · Sapphire, Micron GDDR6 113-1E4260U-O4E on TB250 BTC Mobo.

When i try run TRM in Win10 its working alright.

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try Beta2


I get same error on teamredminer on ArchLinux when RX 6800 is installed in second GPU slot. All good if I use first slot. I’m yet to recieve the second GPU buth when I receive I won’t be able to use that GPU with this error.

I had the same issue when I used beta Hive OS, tried different versions but it didn’t work. The problem got solved when I installed the stable version of HIVE OS.

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same problem !!! Solution ?


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