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Tdxminer integration for Hive

I have integrated tdxminer for HiveOS, so far its for the AMD cards only. Its a dirty patch but it gets the job done until Hive dev team add it to their next release!

[] I accept absolutely no responsibility for any losses or damages you may incur by using my patches, so use at your own risk.
] I OFFER ABSOLUTELY NO SUPPORT, but if there was any bugs or anything, let me know and i address it in my own time.
[] I’ve made the adjustments on HiveOS scripts to suit my own rigs and cards, but theoretically it should work for any AMD card on HiveOS.
] I’ve written another script for t-rex (the lyra2z miner for nvidia cards) but i havent gotten around to make the patches presentable.
[] This was written based on HiveOS version 0.5-58
] Most of the files are basically modifications of existing files supplied in original HiveOS platform to suit the integration of tdxminer.
[] Any upgrade/downgrade will most likely erase these modifications.
] I could’ve written a script to simplify the entire process but i preferred to write the step by step instructions so that you know exactly what you’re doing.
[] Hopefully this forces the dev team to release an official support, but until then good luck.
] If you think this will rise the difficulty on Lyra2z coins and you’re going to blame me… All i can say is “Dont hate, appreciate. :smile:

I offer two methods, one is tdxminer standalone with no dashboard integration, second is with dashboard integration so you can see the the hashrate in the man dashboard as with any other miner.


****(These are pretty simple but do not try if you’re not comfortable in linux and do NOT know what you’re doing, please stop here.)

[] Download the attached file to your rig. (probably you’ll save it to /home/user)
] SSH to your console.
[*] uncompress the file using the following code:

tar -xzvf tdxminer.tgz

[*] Go to the tdxminer directory,

cd ./tdxminer/


Now from this point you get to decide whether you want to run the tdxminer manually as a standalone miner, or you want to integrate it to HiveOS using my scripts, i suggest you start with the former (standalone) as it gives you a chance to try tdxminer with your rig.

[] Log into hiveos dashboard, go to your specific rig and disable any hashrate watchdog (if any) from the Tuning section.
] In SSH console, stop any existing miners.

miner stop

[*] make sure you’re in the tdxminer directory and type:

nano ./

[] Modify your wallet details accordingly and save
] To load the miner type:


[*] This will open the miner in a new screen called tdxminer you can now switch to that screen using

screen -r tdxminer

to leave this new screen use the Ctrl-A Ctrl-D just as you would with the Hive’s miner script.
[] You can also check the log file in the same directory called “tdxminer.log”
] to close this miner, either kill the screen (using the ps PID) or killall tdxminer sessions or “screen -S tdxminer -X quit”.

[] Log into hiveos dashboard, go to your specific rig and disable any hashrate watchdog (if any) from the Tuning section.
] In SSH console, stop any existing miners.

miner stop

[*] backup original/existing hive scripts

tar -czvf hive_orig.tgz /hive/bin/*

this will make a tgz copy of the scripts found in the /hive/bin directory for your to use later.
[*] make sure you’re in the tdxminer directory and type:

mv /home/user/tdxminer/hive_bin/* /hive/bin/

this will overwrite my patched files to the existing files.
[*] Move the tdxminer directory to hive’s main miner directory (this is unecessary but it keeps everything nice and clean) make sure you’re in the directory where your extracted tdxminer directory is located and type

mv /home/user/tdxminer/ /hive/tdxminer

[*] Make a log file directory

mkdir /var/log/miner/tdxminer

[*] now we need to link a useless miner such as DSTM and fool hiveos to think its running that miner instead by linking to the miner we want to use. In this case we use DSTM on the AMD cards. type

ln -nsf /hive/tdxminer/ /hive/dstm/

[] login to the hiveos dashboard.
] create a new XZC/GIN (whatver lyra2z) wallet.
[] IMPORTANT STEP, make sure your select DSTM as your miner in the wallet.
] Put your wallet address in the %DWAL% section
[] Copy this “%DWAL%.%WORKER_NAME%” in the wallet worker template
] Enter your pool’s stratum and the port number as well as pass (which most likely is c=).
[] Press OK and close.
] Mine should start automatically now after you press OK, but if it didnt just make sure it has started by issuing a “miner start” command.
[] To check the status of the miner, just type miner in the SSH console as you would with any other miner.
] You will not see stats in your dash just yet, as you have to reload the hive-agent, or simply reboot the rig using


[*] After the system reboots or miner-agent restarts, you should see a screen like this.

[*] If you dont see hash rates appearing in the dashboard, just wait a minute or two as my script reads the log files to determine the most recent hashrate.

If you’ve found this helpful, do not forget to compliment my efforts with your thanks to the following addresses:

ETH: 0xc5a1Cb7Ae2c3f7C85e8FfeB849BA085DC5967c66


dstm shows as offline even after 30minutes, any idea what could be wrong?

have you rebooted your system after overwriting the patches into the /hive/bin dir? HiveOS API agent must restart with the new patches for the stats to show on monitor dashboard. Also dont upgrade otherwise you’ll erase all you’ve done.

Yes I tried on 5.58, 5.60, etc.

DSTM shows as offline but it’s mining…

Edit: Downloaded the file. AV issue.

Hi. Thanks for the info but I cant download the attached file. It says Failed-Server Problem. Doent matter either I am logged in or not.

tee: /var/log/miner/tdxminer/tdxminer.log: No such file or directory  

Getting this error, looks like everytime it reboots that folder is gone. I have to manually create it every boot cycle.
Still, even with the log created DSTM shows as offline but it’s running.

Seems to be working now, I added a tdxminer folder creating on the shell script and after 15min of working I now get hashrates.

I have 7 gpus but only reporting 6 on the dashboard, any idea why?

On the log it shows all 7

I think you’ve upgraded your rig to the latest version, which i have an idea does something to the log dir. Anyways, to fix it you i think you should add tdxminer name in the “miners_avail” array in the /hive/bin/miner file.

Download my latest update with a newer miner file which i think will address this issue. Its posted on this thread on another comment.

@niemand here is a newer version on


7 gpus present, only 6 show up
happens with both versions you linked

Boss… why not just add the miner with a disclaimer in there? Easy tick box and disclaimer.

@OctavioMaia my patch just takes the output from tdxminer, puts it in the log file, and reads the log file generated by the tdxminer and sends the results back to hive-agent for processing to Hive API. Check your log files (/var/log/miner/tdxminer/tdxminer.log) and you should see the number of GPUs being processed, whatever that number is, it will appear in the monitoring dashboard.

This is not a perfect working solution, it gets you there though until hiveos dev team provide a solid release.

I am not a HiveOS dev, i am a paying user who has decided to do what HiveOS refused to do in order to stop Lyra2z’s difficulty to go high.

@hamednik here’s a log

You script is probably miss reading the gpu numbers

@OctavioMaia you’re right i forgot about that, as i said in the disclaimer I wrote these patches for my own rigs which are all based on 6 gpus.

Here is what you need to do to get it fixed.

Go to /hive/tdxminer/tdxHelper file.

Change the 6 in the line containing this grep

 grep -a -i -m 6 "Stats GPU"

to whatever is your number of GPUs.

Good luck.

Working flawlessly now, thank you

Glad to hear it, i know its not perfect and there may be bugs as you found out and probably i could make the scripts neater like pull up the number of AMD GPUs from the rig info etc, however i really dont want to put more efforts into this as i know the devs will eventually add this miner once they feel its mature enough for them to do so. I really hope tdxminer dev actually puts API telemetry support like any other miner so we dont have to use logs to determine stats. This is why i understand the reason that HiveOS devs may be reluctant not to release it just yet.

thankyou very much Hamed
7 rx 470/core:1169/DMP:1/v:860mV/memory:900/[email protected]%= 20mh/s
temp are 51~55C
730 Watt on the wall

Im going to be putting any new modifications i make into this folder on PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ONLY USE THE LATEST VERSION DOWNLOADED FROM THIS FOLDER.

Known Bugs:
[] sometimes issuing a “miner restart” hangs the tdxminer session, i have to find some time to investigate whats causing the tdxminer to hang once miner start is activated again after a stop.

Latest Changes:
[] Added code to identify the number of GPUs automatically other than presuming “6” as with my own rigs.
] Addressed the /var/log/miner/tdxminer log not found error.