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Tb360-btc expert ver. 6.x doesn't work

Hello, the motherboard does not work with 17 graphics, it only works with 14, why can it be? Sorry for my bad English :person_facepalming:t2:

Check your support documents/manual. Typically to get more than 15 cards running on boards meant to support more you need to either use specific mining cards or mix amd and nvidia

I understand, I will mix amd and nvidia to see if it works, in the manual it does not say anything, or at least that I understand. I haven’t found anything on the internet

Nothing, it doesn’t work even if I put Amd and nvidia, I don’t know what to do

Csm disabled? Rig encoding enabled? Pcie gen 1/2 set? Disabled anything you don’t need in bios?

I have not found the CSM, the rest is changed. Can it be called something else?

looks for options about legacy/uefi bios

I found it, it was disabled