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TB360-BTC Expert BIOSTAR + i5-8500 : CPU mining ISSUE

My first rig with this mobo.
Unfortunately I can’t run any cpu miner. Rtm or xmr, I’ve tried every single miners.
Hiveos stop the process and reboot.
I don’t know what to do…

update your hive to start, youre on an old version/driver.
dont use etheminer either, its outdated and unsupported. better to use lolminer(lowest dev fee), trex or gminer etc.

Thank you for the prompt reply.
During the screenshot I was trying many miners combinations.
Same problem right now with latest drivers.
Lolminer + nanominer (used here on others)
Then the rig goes offline.

is your cpu going to 90+?

Temp? No

how high is it getting? if its at 72 when the cpu just boots i cant imagine its much lower.

It seems normal. Always a bit hight during boot.
No reboot with Xmr stack but do nothing

use xmrig new

It doesn’t work (cpu is a 6 Cores!)
No one is working

open the miner in the shell, see what it says

type miner, then press ctrl a+a to switch from lolminer to xmrig

Not working on tab…

Xmrigcc or xmrig…

make sure your server/wallet addresses are correct.

Same pool/wallet for every rig. The only one who doesn’t work :thinking:

Same problem with supportxmr pool or raptoreum

new install

stuck to updates

Uploading: image.png…