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T-rex vs teamredminer

Hi Team,
i’m having some isssues with my rig, mixed with Nvidia and AMD cards.
the AMD cards are working good with teamredminer at 250MH/s and approximatly 2500 valid share for 7h, but the issue is that my Nvidia cards are working on t-rex miner with 350 mh/s but only 1900 valid share for 7H.
someone has a explanation for that please ?

When u have one miner only mining with both Nvidia/AMD, u can get a much higher number… try to change to NBminer and check for the last 12h what happen… Try to always use one mine at a time for rig… even thought u can use 2+ miner… is best to use only one…

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is this 7h the same period that the AMD mined ? I am not sure but the shares have different complexity and if the AMDs have found more but with smaller size, it should be the same ass less but with higher size.


Many pools set mining difficulty according to your hashrates.
Your T-rex has higher hashrate so it’s set to a higher difficulty.
Harder shares give you more pay than easier shares do.

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Thanks a lot Guys, i finally understand :slight_smile: that it’s not only the number that count but the complexity of each share.

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