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T-rex Update

How to update t-rex mine new version? v0.25.8

Update hive and if you’r flight sheet is set to latest it will auto update after

HiveOS update system very very bad. Still no update Gminer about 1 week.

the majority of the team is located in Ukraine, and I’m sure you know what’s going on there right now.

you can always manually install versions not yet baked in.

Regret to hear that they are going through that, and hope they are safe. Though I had been concerned of supporting Russia indirectly at a time like this.

My best wishes and thought

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How can i manualy install? Pls send here commands

What now? Always same problem.

If the custom install isn’t working you can always use winscp and replace your current gminer executable (in /hive/miners/gminer/2. Whatever version number/gminer) with the new one downloaded from GitHub manually.