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T-Rex no funciona despues de actualizar version de Hive Os

T-Rex no funciona despues de actualizar version de Hive Os

Worked fine when I tested it on my rig, what’s yours doing? Any errors?

No. Nigún error. Solamente no trabaja. Actualicé a la version 0.6-217@220428.
Tuve que cambiar el minero a Phoenixminer, pero es más inestable y disminuye los MH/s

open the miner in the shell and see what its saying

type miner and press enter

No entiendo…

open the shell, either shellinbox, hive shell vnc or locally with a keyboard and monitor and run the command miner and see what its saying. it should tell you the issue.

TREX: Can’t find nonce with device [ID=0, GPU#0], GPU doesn’t appear to be LHR.
If it is LHR, try updating video driver. error code 3

Are you on the latest hive image/drivers/etc? What cards and clocks?

Si. Ultima version 0.6-217@220428. Tarjetas Nvidia 3060ti

What driver/ocs?

No lo se. Como puedo saberlo?

What nvidia driver version are you running? It will say on the main hive dashboard worker overview screen.

And what overclocks have you set for the cards?

Controlador: N460.91.03
Overclock :
Core Clock Offset MHz: -500
Reloj de memoria, MHz: 2200
Fan, % : 50
Límite de potencia, W 130

Lots of issues there.

First update your hiveos install by running hive-replace -s -y in the shell, this will also update your driver.

Second change your overclocks to a locked core clock of around 1500mhz, instead of -500

Third, set power limit to 0

4th, reduce memory clock to 1400mhz and if stable, increase slowly.

Gracias, Gracias,Gracias !!! Excelente rendimiento :ok_hand: :+1:

usa lolMiner y haz el dual con TON y sacarás más rendimiento. TRex infla los números que muestra

Trex doesn’t artificially inflate the numbers, but yes, trex doesn’t do ton.

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