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T-rex mining on 3080Ti


just set up a rig with 3x 3080ti and 2x 3070 FE. i applied the “lhr-tune” : “4” on my flight sheet to enable the lhr unlocker for t-rex. how do i know if t-rex is actually tuning the right cards? i have them @ 1500 locked core, +1300 memory, and 285 PL, and they’re only hashing @ 62 MH/s on t-rex with ethash. this leads me to believe that something is wrong with the command and that i might need to do something else. does anyone have any ideas? TIA


Update to latest T-Rex if you haven’t.
With the latest version which is 0.24.0, they changed how lhr-tune works, so now it represents the percentage unlocked out of 100. Values accepted are now from 10 to 95, also -1 = auto & 0 = disabled.

The starting value you’re looking for is 71. Assuming your first 2 cards are 3080ti and the last are 3070FE what you should set is “lhr-tune”: “71,71,0,0” (in accordance with your own GPU indexing) then T-Rex will try to unlock your 3080ti’s starting from 71% and auto-tuning downwards from there until card is stable.

This is from T-Rex’s readme:

            [Ethash] LHR tuning value that indicates the percentage of the full speed the miner
                               tries to achieve for LHR cards (default: -1). Range from 10 to 95.
                               -1 - auto-mode (LHR tune is set to 71 (or 68 in low power mode) for LHR cards and 0 for non-LHR)
                                0 - disabled (use for non-LHR cards)
                               30 - recommended starting value for most LHR cards in LHR unlock dual mining mode (see --lhr-algo)
                               68 - recommended starting value for most LHR cards in low power mode (see --lhr-low-power)
                               71 - recommended starting value for most LHR cards
                               Can be set for each GPU separately, e.g.
                               "lhr-tune": "0,0,71.5,0" - this will set LHR tuning value to 71.5 for the third GPU.

thanks for the quick response! i changed the miner args and i got 80 out of one of the 3080Ti and 79 out of the other two. however, my temps went way up (~58 before args, 69-70 after), should I change my oc? and what do you think is a good setting? i turned down the power limit on one and it went straight back to 66, like before.

For 3080Ti’s:
Core temp below 75C is normal, Mem temp below 100C is normal. Ideally you should keep them max at 65C core and below 82C for mem. This is largely upto your personal preference, as long as its within the cards limits. Keeping cards low temp for longevity and stability is a part of mining. Look out if there are stability problems and if T-Rex shows your temperature values in yellow or red color, that means you should really decrease your temps somehow. Power limit setting will help you the most but you need to find that sweet equilibrium spot which won’t kill your hashrate much but also won’t use high power and therefore too much heat. This is represented in T-Rex as “kh/W”, higher the better. Using a locked core clock (at least with ethash) will make it more efficient. You could also start by manually setting higher fan speeds even 100% if need be, moving hot air away from cards & exhausting it from the room as quickly as possible, will help.

Up to 300w is acceptable with these cards but miners mostly keep them between 280-290w. If you’re pumping this much of current into your cards, you need to make sure of feeding it directly from power supply & not using sata cables and use high quality risers (at least 009s)

Every card has a overclock range of its own due to silicon lottery or in some cards due to different memory brands. So you need to make a simple search for 3080ti overclock settings. I suggest you use reddit for such inquiries. Or just google search “3080ti mining overclock reddit”

You also need to fine-tune your cards yourself after establishing a starting point.

Good luck.

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thank you again for responding. i have an EVGA 1300+ G2 for my 80Tis and i’m using risers from (never had an issue, i have three rigs now :D) so i think i will turn up the PLs and see what that does for me. they’re all hovering around 65C right now, and im putting up a new tent today, which should yield lower temps anyways (the current tent is way too big and has a serious lack of airflow due to its size). i will let you know how it goes, thank you!!

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