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T-Rex Miner dual mining ETH + RVN stopped working today

I have been dual mining ETH + RVN on a 3060ti 8GB rig since the first dual mining release from T-Rex but today the miner stopped working and i get the error below;

TREX: Can’t find nonce with device, Device does not have enough free memory to hold the DAG for epoch 269. Required: 3.10 GB, free: 3.09 GB

I have looked over the revisions from github and this used to say “Requires 8GB+ VRAM on linux” but now it does not, it says Requires 10GB+ VRAM. I have been running this for weeks without any issues, why would they change it.

Can anyone help me understand why this has been changed and stopped and if there is anyone that has a workaround? I have tried everything to resolve it but gave up and now i am just mining RVN straight.

After doing some more testing it seems that the dag file required for this pair is just too much for 8GB card, i guess it was just a matter of time before this would happen.

Has anyone else faced the same issue?

Yes same issue, did you figure out an alternative?

No, i think the Dag file for both is too large for 8GB cards. I just mine RVN on its own now.

check how much free memory the card got on nvidia-info. Last I checked it had 24 MB lol free. However, the dag might had grown and need more

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