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T-Rex Miner Difficulty Change HiveOn Pool

Hello, I recently added a new worker that currently has 4 GPUs installed. I have had no issues but have noticed that the diff has been changing between 2.5 and 5 every few hours. I do understand the idea of using a lower of higher setting, but it seems odd that it would be changing multiple times per day.

I’m wondering if this is normal behavior? Does it affect the average hashrate or overall reward for the number of shares? Should it be set at one or the other and remain there or is the automatic switching the most efficient mining method?

Appreciate any help with this.

Noticed the same on my rig. Goes between 10000 and 20000 for difficulty. Would love some input.

i5 6500
16GB Ram
13 ZOTAC 3080
2 EVGA 1600 G2
1 EVGA 1300 G2
OC settings
core -200
mem +1800
PL 230

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