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T-REX intensity

Hey, anyone know how to set the intensity param for T-REX?

I have tried setting it under “user config” like this:
“intensity”: 22

Ran 24 hours, but don’t see any difference. Cannot see it in any logs either.

good night … use as the last command. getting “–intensity 15” without quotes

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excuse me, what is the exact command?

This is the command in user config on T-rex

"intensity":"25" Change 25 to whatever intensity you want. Make sure to add the command on a new line.

Mate intensity isn’t an overclocking function and doesn’t give you better hash rates the higher you go!

It’s to smooth out multiple GPU rigs and try and avoid GPU’s fighting over the same system resources at the same time…

My T-rex setting for stable clocks on my mixed rig

intensity”: “17,17,18,18,19,19”
“kernel”: “2,4,4,4,4,4”

set the cards intensity in pairs going up one number each time

cards and clocks

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I agree with that solution: configuring different parameters for “intensity”. It helps (in my experience), to stabilize the TRex miner and the whole RIG [I also work with 6 GPUS (3080s)], and it used to crashes all the time. Even at night, when I was asleep (really anoying, the RIG parallizes, with no connection at all, and no automatic reboot option [obviousley]). I reduced overclock the most that I can for those cards that crashes more, It also helps, but not was not enough.

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