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T-Rex 3080 Error 15

Hi all. I have a mixed rig with 6 RX580s, 5 5700XTs, and 3 RTX 3080s. I use Team Red Miner for the AMD cards, and T-Rex for the Nvidia cards. It has been running great for months, and just recently I have been getting error 15 for one of the 3080s. Trex recognizes it when the miner starts up, but within a minute displays the error. I have switched out the riser, USB cable, PCIE cables, all to no avail. I just installed the card in my Windows PC with the display hooked up to the HDMI port, and boots fine and, recognizes the card, and the display works. When I start PhoenixMiner as a test, the card is recognized, miner starts, and as soon as the DAG is built, the system crashes…any ideas?

What clocks are you running? Does it show properly in the worker overview screen?

I’m running fixed core at 1080, and memory at 2000…it shows up in the overview, but just nothing for hash rate

Does it show properly though? All fan/temp info showing?

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