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T-Rex 25.12 problems

Hello I have used the T-REX 25.12 with two rigs of 6x3060 12 gb lhr and it keep crushing all the time i was using drivers 460.39 and same thing happens with the newest drivers. When i get back to previous version of T rex it started to work normally.
Does anyone had similar problem?

Try with lolMiner 1.48 to get the unlock +85%… using Lock Core to 1500 you will not have problems.

Memories very low in that rig… with 2000 - 2200 easy the +41Mhs and full stability

what clocks?

last two kards are problematic ones one is giving to much bad shares when clock it and other goes ower 80degrees, i have change pads two times and pasta last i hawe used thermal grizly , no help.

LoL miner has qute improved since last time I used it, thanks for bringig it to my atention.
Here is my situation with 12x 3060 with lol miner on flexpool:


Try with lolMiner 1.48 with this same OC…

need to use locked core clocks with latest drivers for best results.

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