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T rex 0.25.8 restart and offline

Does anyone have a similar problem with the latest trex:
The hiveOS goes offline from time to time and it only helps to restart from the socket? I would like to add that the problem is only with the newest trex. I have 2 miners and each has an identical problem

3060ti and 3070ti dual minning eth+alephium

Any errors? What’s it show in the miner before going offline? What cards/clocks? Running latest hive image and driver?

No any errors. Miner just going offline.
First miner:
3060ti 1500 2800
3070ti 1250 2600

In second miner:
just 3070ti 1250 2600

Latest hiveos and latest nvidia drivers

When it goes offline what’s the rig doing? Still respond locally just no network connection? Locked up?

Each time I’m out of home so I do not have a preview on the monitor, I have only remote access.
Both rigs are on two different networks, but there is no remote access to either network, only a hard restart helps

Tough to say without that info. I’m running 25.8 dual mining eth + alph on 6 separate rigs without issue so far.

The main problem is that it always throws the rig when I am away, there is no information in the logs, the telegram also does not send any messages, it is very annoying because I cannot take any action quickly enough

any time you change your config (hardware or software) be prepared to troubleshoot new issues. If you aren’t able to troubleshoot, use what you know works fine for you (older version it sounds like?) in the meantime.

If you do find out what it’s doing locally, post it here and I can try to help troubleshoot.

I will try catch errors on screen and post it here :slight_smile:

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Do the cards use a lot more power than 0.25.6? Each card takes almost 50W more. Not sure if the cards are just crashing since 0.25.8 abuses them, or they are overpowering the psu.

Keaton suggested adjusting the oc but never got it to work. Had the core at 900 and still drew too much power. Nonetheless, I’m happy on 0.25.6 :slight_smile: though I understand 0.25.8 does much better

I think that cards use more power than 0.25.6, but mining very well. (better eth+alph)
Now power cosumption is about 200-220w (I set power limit to 220)

Better to use core clock to control power draw instead of power limit

I’m seeing a similar problem on new rig as the OP. It’s keeps dropping out but does actually resume. Again I’m not there at the time it’s happening.

Is there a way to set logging and where do I check on t-Rex to query what has happened? Surely this is possible.

you can check the previous logs. Usually when t-rex restarts it rotates them. It is a pain, since you have to unzip it, Would be nice if they kept a copy of the previous log unzipped.

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