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T-Rex 0.19.14-cuda111 for x16rv2 gone bye bye last night?

Hello all. So, i woke up this morning, with my miners not working.
I found out that HiveOS has updated their list of T-Rex versions, and no longer include the “0.19.14-cuda111”

Well I need it for FoxDcoin as they use x16rv2 algo.
yes, multi works, and so does an older version of: cryptodredge-ver. 0.24.0-cuda102 N

BUT, they both have really low hashrates, compared to T-Rex.

So, is there a Tutoral on how to use older “unsupported” T-Rex mining software on the HiveOS?

or… did something just go wrong on the HiveOS webpage? as I can’t go lower than: 0.21.5!

any help would be appreciated! thank you!

you can manually replace the binary with the old one

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yep! thanks for your time! I did that and it worked!

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hi can you explain how to do this?

cant you guys just let me choose the old one in the flightsheet. the version is already in my packages but i cannot choose it.

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