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System unstable with 6 GPUs , all normal and stable with 5 GPUs 5700 XT

Hi over there,

I built a minning rig with the following configuration:

6xSapphire Pulse 5700 XT
Mainboard ASUS B250 Minning expert
PSU Corsair HX1200
4xAntec 120 mm Fan case
Intel i3 LGA-1151 7100 3.9Ghz
Open air frame rig (similar to Veddha)
Corsair Vengeance DDR4 2x4GB
Running HiveOS from a USB-Drive

HiveOS version : [email protected]

I’ve the rig running with 5 of the 6 GPUs withouth any issue, but as soon as I add the last GPU, my system became unstable.

At the first attemp to boot with six GPUs , the system boot all normal, no issues, but then after running hiveOS for about 5 min I started to receive weird messgae sin the console , something like “AMD powerplay voltake leakeage”…, and the system restarted. After the reboot the mainboard shows the PCI-E port of the last GPU as red (with errors).

If i do a hard reset , I got the same issue, all normal…and then as soon as HiveOS booted it will restart wihitn a few minutes of use…

I was wondering what could be the problem? I tried by changing the GPUs , and the issue is not with the GPU as 6th GPu is working in any of the other ports withouth issues.

So my suspiscion now in on the PCI- risers , the mainboard or the PSU.

PSU shows an average consumption of 500W for 5 GPUs in HiveOS, so I guess that shoulnd’t be a problem with one more card… however I didn’t take the power consumption from the wall.

I’ve updated the mainboard BIOS to the lattest available on the ASUS site, and the issue still continues…

I didn’t try yet to boot another OS (like Windows 10)… I also didn’t try yet to swtiching the PCI risers…or i also didn’t try yet with other PSU.

What you guys recommend? did anyone experience a similar issue?

Check your power wattage at the wall … upgrate power supply… this carrds draw too much power…
Hive os is not give us the true watttage of the cards …
May the force be with u…!!!
Greetings Alex

Thanks for your reply Alex, I’ll try with other PSU

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