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System is not running with Nvidia and Amd Cards

Hello my system does not start when I plug my cards into the riser normally.

System H110 BTC+ Motherboard


1x AMD Rx 5700
1x AMD Rx 580
1x Nvidia 2060
1x Nvidia 2070 trio

what has to be considered in general?

I Check all Parts all is ok Riser, Cable,

Have you split the cards into just AMD and just nVidia? If so, does it work single brand only?

I tried it with the Nvidia 2060 and the Amd RX 580 because it runs as soon as a third one is added, the system does not boot

In my experience, if you can’t at least get into the BIOS, you’ll need to look at:

  • BIOS limitations
  • the possibility of dead GPUs, risers, cables
  • power supply limits
  • etc

Yes, I checked everything, all risers, all cables are fine, the graphics cards work, even if I plug them into the motherboard.I also have enough power 1x 650 watts for the system and 1x1800 watts for the graphics cards

Risers and the associated GPU on the same power supply in each case, correct?

No, unfortunately not. The cables are not all long enough.

Does Hiveos normally recognize the GPU by itself? or do I have to release the PCie connections in the BIOS …?

This can be a problem. <short term, make sure the risers are all powered before the motherboard, but this not a good situation for longterm stability or even safety.>

HiveOS boots on my varied systems, with 0-13 GPUs as long as the BIOS is not doing something silly to prevent booting.

If you can’t get into the BIOS with (3) cards, it is not likely HiveOS at all.

A stupid question … Do I have to connect power to the Power Pcie1 and Power Pcie2 power packs?

And wich one of PCiE black or white ?

Have that board myself, yes, you need to connect those molex connectors.

Note: most configurations do not need the SATA power connected on the board, but again, you need both Molex connectors to run the PCI bus.

Those boards are very touchy, connect both Molex :slight_smile:

Be prepared to run into the next issues at 7 GPUs, 9-10, etc.

You can get all 13 running. Do a search on the board itself, there was a good summary post in the last 30 days.

One more thing, the PCI addressing is a bit more intuitive for the Black PCI ports. For trouble shooting, you might want to use them :slight_smile:

I don’t know if there are multiple versions of the board.

Thx a lot it works :wink: but now two GPU working but my rx 5700 not :frowning:

The trick with this board is to get it all set with one card, get in the bios, make correct changes, save, do not let it boot, power down, plug in all the cards and power up.

Bios from what ? the Motherboard or in Hiveos ?

There are some very specific BIOS settings on the motherboard you’ll run into as you add more cards, especially at the (10) mark.

You’ll find a lot in these (2) threads, I would mark them :slight_smile:

Boa thank you very much, I’ve been sitting here for 2 hours and looking for this forum is a bit confusing for me :smile: