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System Crash - Help

Hi guys good morning!
I would like your help, I have a problem with my rig.
Every day, the hiveos system crashes, and I only find out through the pool email notifying me that the card has crashed. I turn the machine off and on again and the system comes back on. However, after a few hours, it happens again. There is no notification in the warning bar, how can I identify the problem and resolve these crashes? what should i do? Thank you in advance for the information.

Hi, this happened to me also. I had a stable rig and everything was ok. Then I started to think: let’s see, if I can get a little better with higher hash-rate and less power consumption and I changed the oc-setting … thats where the problems started. When I recued my oc-setting, it took a Chile (2 weeks) and the Down reduce a lot. So: try to take down you oc. Happy mining!

One question: where can I enter my mail-adresse to be notified by the pool in case my rig is down? Thanks.

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