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Remote Syslog Server Server.
Install a Syslog server on windows or whatever platform you wish. There are many out there which are free. This is the one that I started testing with and have no affiliation with it at all. All I can say is that it works in windows.

On your HiveOs machine:
nano /etc/rsyslog.d/50-default.conf
go to the bottom of the file and type:
then press the following

Once back at comment prompt:
service syslog restart

Now everything that would ever be sent to any system logs will be sent to your syslog server. This is actually alot of information. If you want to narrow it down a little, replace the . that you used in the 50-default file with daemon.* and you will get I believe all the messages related to Hive. This can be seen by the [hive] and [hivex] tags on our syslog server.

NOTE Anytime you update your HiveOS version, these settings will most likely need to be reentered on your machine

NOTE Your syslog server either needs to be on the same network or you will have to open ports on your router.