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Syslog analysis for hard reboots

Reasonably new miner, have been running hive no problem for 2 months now its crashing all the time from 5min to 2 hourly with hard reboot.

As part of process of elimination I have removed all cards/risers and if hiveos has miner running (nbminer or TRM etc) WITHOUT cards will still hard reboot often.

Rig seems stable if I remove the flight sheet from hiveos.

Have been looking at miner logs and they just cut off mid line (no failure messages) when the hard reboot happens.

Have the syslogs but not sure what to look for (as in the first output during reboot). Any help appreciated on finding the last command before reboot.

Can upload logs if it helps. Running latest version of Hive OS and the one before an issue remains, perhaps MOBO hardware related?

SYSLOG - syslog covering hard reboots

Miner log example TRM log covering hard reboot


It seems that the rig will also hard restart without the flightsheet applied but not as often. Don’t have a spare motherboard to test with but guess I’ll need to get one?

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