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Switch from nanopool to hiveon pool not work

Hi, I have 1 worker(2 amd cards) with hiveos mining at nanopool. When I want to switch to hiveon pool in flieght plan, the miner dont start and after reboot its mines again to nanopool.
How can I switch and add more miner with hiveos?

Hive OS can more than you can imagine
Something wrong with your settings - please show it

Sometimes it is better to create a new flight sheet & use the rocket to activate it…when you select new pool remember to select server, closest to you…

Ok, I will delete everything and start direkt with hiveon pool.

What is the best miner for hiveon pool?

It’s depends your platform


  • TeamRedMiner


  • T-Rex

Mix / Universal

  • lolMiner
  • Gminer
  • NBminer
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THX, now it works with TeamRedMiner

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