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SWARM: Multi-Platform Auto-Switching Miner For Hive OS

SWARM Profit Switching Mining System

-Works within HiveOS, all linux miners.
-No Windows WDDM Driver Stack Means Faster Spool Up Times Compared To Windows.
-Algorithm specific OC Tuning (HIVEOS version).
-Backs up initial benchmarks, making updating or recovery a charm.
-Shows real time hashrates from miners, along with previous hashrates.
-HiveOS full integration.
-Displays close to real-time monitoring, directly from miners to HiveOS website. Allows for HiveOS monitoring and graph data.
-Every part of the code has a double-checking feature, to ensure real time monitoring.
-More hard drive integration, less storage on RAM.
-Latest miners, updated frequently.
-Windows Miners Cuda 9.2
-HiveOS Miners Cuda 9.1 or 9.2.
-HiveOS commands to open new windows to view stats, miner history, real-time data.
-Coin profit switching. Can be used with algorithm profit switching.
-Algorithm profit switching.
-Miner notifies users of benchmarking timeouts
-Easy to setup.
-HiveOS version is dedicated to creating a solid environment that corrects itself if mistakes are made.
-Hashrates monitoring via logging for miners that require it.
-New miners than HiveOS.
-Strong support via discord. Users with rig setups of 100s of GPU’s are using and troubleshooting as updates are released.

User: MaynardVII




Update set to YES. Remove Nvidia lolminer from unix folder
prior to update!
Should transfer oc-configurations. To be safe- back them up
since this is first time.

-Auto_Algo argument removed. It is depreciated.
-Fixed GUI Display For -Favor_Coins.
-Fixed Threshold (confirmed).
-Attempted Fix For Benchmark Loop.
-Fixed SGMiners Temp & Fan HiveOS Stats.
-Changed NLPool location to Europe.

-Removed lolminer from unix miners that were placed on accident.
-Updated help file for accurate information.

SWARM 2.7.0

Take advantage of the Wiki!

Guided Help

  • Windows: Run SWARM.bat
  • Linux: Run ./swarm (as root, so it can setup)
  • HiveOS: Specify SWARM as custom miner
    • extra config arguments no longer mandatory.
  • SWARM should now run guided help
    on first launch if no arguments
    are specified. Simply answer the
    very simple questions, and you
    are mining!


  • gminer 1.66
  • tt-miner moved from optional to
    regular miner in linux.
  • tt-miner updated
  • teamredminer updated
  • z-enemy updated
  • t-rex updated
  • SWARM is x16rv2 ready
  • xmrig (cpu) updated.


  • Found bug regarding auto-restart
    after 10 bad intervals- It was
    resolved. Should migrate backups,
    clear, bans, and automatically restart
    if 10 consecutive bad intervals of no hash.
  • Some mismatched algo names in teamredminer config.
    Is now fixed.

What’s New?

  • Shortened “cryptonight” to “cnight” to
    help with fitting stats on screen.
  • get stats will sort device groups by name.
  • nlpool divisor is no correct on some algos-
    manually adjusted them until fixed.
  • SWARM will run --help by default if no arguments
    are specified or parameter files found.