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SW Power Cap Active?

I see SW Power Cap Active on some GPUs without any reason.
The temparature is good.
There is no power limit.

I only set Lock Core Clock and memory clock.
The hashrate is lower than usual when SW Power Cap is active.
What should i do to deactive SW Power Cap ?

what is SW Power Cap ?

Are you at the normal bios tdp for those cards? Are they “stuck” at a certain wattage?

The GPU uses lower core clock than I set.
There is no power limit at the oc settings.





Another rig has only one GPU with sw power cap active.
Only GPU0
I have more rigs with the same problem. All of them NVIDIA.
I dont think it is temp problem.

OC in flight sheet:
–lock-cclock 1125 --cclock 200 --lock-mclock 9501 --mclock 1400




you can try manually setting the power limit to the tdp (as seen in the middle value in the bios info under the card name) and sometimes that will remove the sw limit, you can also try setting as the max (the 3rd value)

ive seen some msi bios have an arbitrary software limit as well that is removed when another bios is flashed.

6 pcs MSI Ventus 3X RTX3090.
All of them have the same bios.
But some of them have the SW Power Cap Active problem.
I put the bios from the good one to the SW Power Cap Active. The result is the same, no change.

1 pcs Gigabyte RTX3090 has the same problem.
There are more same gpu with same bios, no problem.
I put the bios from the good one to the SW Power Cap Active. The result is the same, no change.

you can try changing to another bios (not the same version #) and see if results change. you can even use other 3090 bios from other brands as long as they have the same amount of power cables (for example founders has 2, so you could use gigabyte eagle/vision bios interchangeably. strix and ftw3 both have 3 8 pin pcie cables so you can use those interchangeably and so on)

Upload bios or download bios not working at many nvidia rigs (I have 54 rigs.)
is it possible to change nvflash version in HiveOS ?


The same error although in maintanence mode. and only one gpu download option.

i would try downloading the new version and running from CLI to see if it solves your issue first

To deactivate it, check your GPU’s driver settings. Sometimes, driver updates or changes can trigger SW Power Cap. Also, make sure your lock on Core Clock and memory clock isn’t too aggressive.