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Sushiswap Exchange Review

Hey, There are so many cryptocurrency exchanges. But which is the best ?
I have come across Sushiswap Exchange on CoinPedia which says Sushiswap is becoming popular every day because of its unique features and facilities for investors. The rewards and the token distribution are very lucrative. The safety and security of the platform add to the benefit of the liquidity providers.

You can stake multiple crypto assets here on this platform and earn interest on your holding like nowhere else. Having said that, this exchange has a long way to go, it is just a novice in the market and needs to work on itself to provide better facilities…
Suggest which is the best ?

Hey, I have discovered something about Sushiswap exchange. You can either use Metamask or Wallet Connect. Apart from these two, the platform doesn’t support any other wallet currently.
You can trade Sushiswap tokens on other exchanges like OKEx, Binance, and others. Some of the major cryptocurrency exchanges have registered these tokens for trading.
Sushiswap has been very particular about their privacy and security measures. The platform is quite secure and it is getting better from time to time.