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Supported and tested MotherBoards

Hello All,
All the discussions concentrate on issues. It would be helpful to share information hardware that is supported and fully working.

Please share your MBs details if it’s working with no issues with HiveOs.

Asus Z170-AR (6 GPUs)
Asus Z270-AR (8 GPU using a M.2 to PCIe adapter)

Gigabyte b250 FinTech
I have 2 of them
running 10 cards on each one without any problem from the mobo

I am using Asrock H110 pro BTC +. 13 gpu’s mining ETC works like a champ. Never had a problem at all.

I started using h110 pro btc with 1080ti cards. Celeron processor installed. I noticed that there are no problems on coins witch using memory, and with the coins using the core, the rig falls off. for example rvn. after a minute of work, the cards are turned off. or for example grin. Starting with bminer 15.2, only rejected shares and smaller hashrate. I think that the problem is in a weak processor. or a problem in the settings of the motherboard or in its firmware

WARNING: Gigabyte B250-FinTech DOESNT WORK WITH RTX2070 & GTX1660Ti so far
also i want to update that im able to run 7 Nvidia & 5 AMD at the same time withour a single issue