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Support for Chia?

I know Chia has been on a lot of peoples radar. I also know it is new and won’t even hit exchanges until around early May.

That said Chia can be farmed alongside any gpu based currency with no performance impact. So being able to toss a good m.2 drive with 3-4 12tb hard drives on each mining rig could produce some very good returns. Right now this isn’t possible with hiveos… so I am just curious if there are any plans in place to add support for Chia.

Anyways just wanted to create this topic to get an open dialogue started.


Officially, the Hive has no plans to support hard drive mining. At least for the time being.

I also would like it

At today, there is no mining pool for Chia…
So, event with 100To of hard drives, you may wait months before having a chance to get Chia :frowning:

There is a way to do everything w/o GUI, I’ve created an how-to for it:

I was interested as well, but is there anything stopping you from using the GUI?

GUI can’t be used with root

HiveOS has a user profile. What’s stopping that from being used? I went into that a little in another thread. Has anyone been able to run programs in hiveos with lower privileges?

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