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Support driver 22.40 for AMD 7900xt

Hi! After installing the beta version, the 7900xt card was determined, but the fan rotation speed in the Autofan is not set. What is the reason - is it a feature of the video card or a raw driver?

There is only initial support for rx7000 currently. No manual OC control aside from power limit afaik

Will it be fixed? When will full-fledged 7900xt overclocking support appear?

So when will full support for 7900xt cards appear?

Not sure as of now, there isnt a lot of demand for them as the newer amd cards arent a great buy in terms of efficiency/profitability, but i do have a 7900xtx so i will keep as much pressure as i can on the devs

OK, put pressure on them - let them move!

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good day. please tell me the beta version number for launching the 7000 series of cards, and where can I download it?

Under beta image here: Install Hiveon OS

thank you for your quick help🤝

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7700xt cards, please tell me how you can adjust the fan speed, and what can you mine on them now?

You can only set power limit as of now

Ok Thank you

Hi. Any news on the 7000 series of cards?

Nothing new, stil the limited support with the beta with power limit controls only

Thank you. It is a pity that the 7000 series cards are ignored…

When are we suppose to have a prod version of the driver for the RX 7900xtx ?


We dont currently have any eta for full navi 3 support

Hi! In the latest version (0.6-225@240129 ) full support for AMD 7900xt cards?

Full support, no. Main being additional support including fan control/autofan config working for rx7000. Voltage settings will be coming in the future as well