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Super n00b question - where or how do I find my hiveon pool wallet address?

My apologies for this super n00b question, but…I’ve gotten the diskless PXE to work and I’m about to set up the rest of my account.

It says to create a wallet, I would need the wallet address except that I don’t know what my hiveon wallet address is.

Where and/or how would I be able find that?

Thank you.

My client isn’t up and running yet. I’m waiting for parts to arrive for the build, but I figure that I would get the software side of it set up and ready to go so that once my rig is built, I can deploy it to mine immediately.

The video shows that they just pasted the wallet address, but it doesn’t show where they got that wallet address from though.

ohhhhh, you need to create a wallet on your PC (installing a wallet software) or register in some exchange like Binance or Coinbase, for exemple (there are lots of options, try to search a little bit about all the risk involved using a local and a exchange wallet)

I didn’t know if the hiveon pool also provided the wallet addresses so that you know that you were mining to said hiveon pool.

they don’t, you should use your own


That was the part that I wasn’t sure/clear about.

Thank you.

I just lost $400 from getting this address wrong. They clearly think this bit is obvious, but to a noob like me it’s just a swirling mass of information, even though I see myself as computer savvy.

I wish they’d been clearer from the outset.

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