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Suitable RVN miner for a GTX 1050 Ti / nvidia-390.143 / CUDA-9.1

I have a couple of GTX 1050 Ti I’m trying to mine with. and have loaded the 390 (390.143) driver as it cannot use the 4xx nvidia drivers. v390 is CUDA 9.1 and none of the miners I’ve tried seem to support that CUDA version.
In particular T-Rex logs say ERROR: Can’t start miner, CUDA initialize error, memory dump: eyJh…
I’ve also tried these other miners…

Is CUDA-9.1 just too old now, and if so why include the older nvidia 390 driver?

Well it turns out I was scammed and these GPUs appear to be FAKE.
One of the tell-tale signs of this is PCI ID: 10de:1c82 (from lspci, dmesg, …etc…)

Nvidia support pointed me at GPU-z (but I had found it on my own by searching too)
It made the process easy, so I can recommend GPU-z even though it only runs on Windows.

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