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Suggestion: Separate main and secondary miner wallets

Main and secondary miners should be able to run separately without relying on each other. I’d like to keep mining on half of my cards and switch to another miner on the other half, without needing to duplicate everything. It just seems unnecessary.

If it is possible, please let us this on the miner details:
Miner 1 = Wallet 1
Miner 2 = Wallet 2

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The current implementation of “Second miner” this does not involve.
Also I’m draw your attention that current implementation of "Second miner allow run only 2 different miner so your request does not make sense.

I’m not saying to allow duplicate miners on both main and secondary miners - I’m suggesting to let us use a different wallet for miner #2. It’s cleaner to have a separate wallet for every coin instead of having a mixed one for 2 coins.

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anyway AFAIK HiveOS not planned to change something here at current major release.

Bump. Any plans to do this on the 2.0 release?

you have my support

I wanted to suggest the same thing here, but didn’t have the will to write it down :smiley:

I wanted to suggest the same thing

It’s not have any sense because in Hive 2.0 “wallets” totally reworked