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Suggestion / Request: configure by graphics card ID

OK, so I’m going to go out on an assumption here. It seems reasonable that each graphics card will have a unique id / serial number / or similar that is machine-readable.

The reason I’m hoping this, is that I really don’t like moving cards around, since settings are determined by which rig they’re in and the GPU position. So if I take out card 1 for maintenance then turn it back on, all the remaining GPUs have renumbered themselves n-1 and taken each other’s settings. If you’ve got a nice rig with lots of cards the same, then it doesn’t matter. If, like me, you’ve got an absolute mess with a collection of whatever you could get off eBay at not-too-scalpy prices, then this matters.

So, the actual request: Store settings against card ID not rig and GPU number. That way, I can move them around, renumber them, or even swap them between my mining rig and my test rig and know that the settings will go with them. It also opens up the possibility of labelling them with user-defined names.

Thanks for listening.

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