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Suddenly no hashrate arrives in the pool. but miner runs

last night suddenly 3 out of 5 miner have renewed an uptime and are running fine, but at Hiveos nothing arrives in the pool for 7 hours. The other miners run flawlessly in the pool.

What do the problem rigs show in the shell if you type miner? Any error messages or connection issues?

its normally mining no issues or something else. Support means its an virus on my rigs… they redirect my hasharte to another pool

if you open the miner in the shell and you can see where its mining to.

No matter what I set, coin pool etc. it always changes back to following pool:
20220503 22:23:10
USER: 0x4b6aCF5fCF641D70315395C9Dd122a93b574bE7c

change all passwords, make sure you have 2fa enabled, make sure your network is secure and any devices youre logging into hive with as well. then do a fresh install of the latest stable image, and change your ssh password after

yeah i have to fromat the drive of my rig… completly all new…

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