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Suddenly lose half power

I’m not sure what is causing this. All of a sudden half the power will be lost and a reboot will immediately fix the issue. Is this an unstable overclock?
I have 6 GPUs:
2 3090s
2 6800 XTs
1 2070
1 6600 XT

Everything was fine until I added the second 3090 but I reconfigured them so each power supply is only doing one, so power shouldn’t be an issue. Each of them are capped at 300W.

Is the nvidia/AMD mix making it unstable?

It usually will run at a steady 430-450MH/s for 3-5 hours and then reboot itself (I have watchdog turned on)

What PSU u have?
Describe your power connection from psu to gpu’s and riser’s…

I have 2 1000W power supplies that connect to the risers themselves and the cards. 3 cards + 3 risers to power supply one. 3 cards + 3 risers + motherboard to power supply two.

They are EVGA 80plus gold 1000W power supplies

I suppose you are running from one cable 1 spitter for GPU and riser (6 pin connection?)

Yes, except for the cards that require 2 8pin connectors, they get two cables from the PSU

If your PSU have not problems… then your OC need fixing values… (the last 3090 you put it in)…

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