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Sudden random turn off

Hi, everyone. So, today in the morning I’ve checked my rig via hive os app as always. Yet, I’ve spotted that hashrate dropped from 366 to 150, because 8 our of 12 gpu’s had “n/a” in hashrate section. Hashrate watchdog has rebooted miner and everything works well since then. So, what can be the issue with those cards assuming that all of them are different models of 1660 super with different memory?

If you open the miner inside the shell you can see exactly what it’s saying if anything. Are you using locked core clocks? Max stable mem clock on each?

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I use overclock settings, 1085 - core, 1800 mem for micron and 1100 - core and 2000 mem for Samsung. Yet, the thing is that those 8 cards has different memories and hence different ov settings. I can’t see what was the issue via hive shell, coz I rebooted rig manually 1 hour ago(

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