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Sudden Low Hashrate! Whats happening?

I have low hasrates all of a sudden. The Card ran for a days with 61,5 MS/s. No problem at all.
Today i had to shutdown and move the Rig somewhere else.
Now after reboot, i only have 51 MH/s! Plus, it seems that i can’t overclock!
I can tune the PL, but other settings don’t work i think.
Changing Core or Mem doesn’t affect the Hasrate. Fan speed won’t change when i tune it.
It seems that the Fan is on automatic and holds the Core-Teamp on ruffly 50 °C.

What happened all of the sudden?

Yes i did an upgrade to newest firmware. But, it did not change a thing :confused:

I have the similar issue.

HiveOn shows 0MH/s but HiveOS says ~115 MH/s…
What’s the issue with Hive servers?

I did a fresh install of the OS on the USB-Drive. Now it works fine again.
I dont know if it was a software issue or a problem with the Hive Servers …

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