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Stuck at loading drivers


Since yesterday my hiveos wont boot and is stuck on

Loading NVIDIA Drivers, 1 GPU
[ 30.191287] [ T8633]

I already formated the usb stick, add new workers, add new farm and so on.
It already worked fine before, then i shut down for maintance and this failure comes.
Its a 2070 super with a old Gigabyte GA-M56S board.
Anyone have a solution for this please?

I hope you may share how did you solve it ?

I am experiencing the same.
After a few weeks of working fine the rig crashed. eeeehm, right before NY2022…

I reset bios settings
Flashed bios
Rebuilt the hive os with USB flash
When I plug first 2 cards it works
It stuck with the 4th card.

Hi Tb,

Did you find the resolution for this problem?



Exact same issue. I’ve narrowed it down to 1 Gigabyte 3060ti LHR that is causing this. Initially it was working fine, then after a reset one day, HiveOS crashes just after loading the Nvidia drivers. It only occurs with this specific GPU plugged in, without it the system works fine.