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Strange MSI RX580 Armor 8GB Card

So I had this card as a spare, it’s one that I picked up on ebay a while ago. It’s an MSI Armor and as you can see it reports as a RX580 8GB

Was trying to find a copy of the original bios so I can mod it, but every search I make for “Micron MT51J256M32 · 113V34122-F3” comes up as an RX570 8GB, so not sure if it’s a 570 and it’s reporting wrong or it’s a 580 that’s been flashed with the wrong bios previously.

Any advice appreciated.

check if you have some stickers on it and find which one it is. the bios is from a 570.

Well according the sticker it is a 580, so it must have been flashed with the wrong bios which explains why it runs slow and uses lots of power.

How do I figure out what the correct bios should be, had to take it back out of the rig as it’s too unstable ?

This should be your card. Search bios for it.

Thanks for the help.

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