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Strange gap in hash meter

3rd time that I have 10 minutes gap in hash meter, always during my sleep time.
In ethermine I don’t see a drop.

Any ideas or anyone have the same issue?


no data came for the HiveOs server i guess. If ethermine is ok dont bother.

I have the same issue, while i live in germany, i suspect my isp is the fault due to 24h ping reset. its normal for me. Do you have a asynchronous internet connection or a synchronous?

I guess I have synchronous, my brother is paying for a pack of TV + 100mb/40mb Internet.

Does the 24h ping reset affects you?
Does the internet shuts down for few seconds?

if u have 100 mbit down and 40 up its not synchronous, its adsl. synchronous would be 100/100.

No it doesnt affect me, rig is still mining and no Invald or stale shares.

it doesnt shut down as a shut down. the connection is resynched in this time for my understandings.

and in germany its written by law :smiley: so i cant do anything against it, unless i buy a synchronous connection.

hope i could helped u out :slight_smile:

It doesnt matter if its synch or no. This is upload download speed so who cares. Do you have a static IP or dynamic? Maybe your ISP disconnects you every 24 hours to renew your IP lease

noted and thanks for your help

dynamic, it doesn’t reset every 24hrs.
but anyways, it shouldn’t be a problem for mining as I can see

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