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Strange earnings

Not sure if my rig is having connection issues, but something seems weird. I have a hashrate of about 150-155 Mh/s. However, the expected daily earning is showing (in hive pool) of about 20% of what it should be based on my hashrate.

Also, my rig has been running continuously but one of the miners (t-rex) in the rig shows disconnects while the other (lolminer) works better. Hive pool is showing a much lower average compared to the reported value. Could 38 (1.46%) stale do that much of a difference?

lolminer about about 155 Mh/s

t-rex (dual mining eth and firo, 19/14 Mh/s)

Same problem here. 0 earnings despite share number is good !!! They f… something up !


I have 33 GPUs with a total hashrate of 1GH/s and I woke up to very low earnings as well. The lowest I noticed was $17.02/day. As of writing this is is at $28.67/day. As far as I can see my rigs are running normal as they have been for days.

Think the dips were related to a problem with lolminer.

Switched to t-rex with no dips. Then upgraded lol without zil and no further issues. Finally added zil and no more dips.

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