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Still haven't recieved my GRAM payouts even though I'm above the threshold for two days already

Hi all
I still haven’t received my GRAM payout even though I’m above the threshold for the last two days

the ability to add memo to payouts was implemented, and requires users to edit their withdrawal address and save (whether adding a memo or not) in order to re-enable payouts.

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I mined to an anonymous wallet address (the address of my wallet) without the whole pool account thing.
I only recently switched to the pool account as icemining seems to have stopped working.
My question is whether or not the funds I already mined (before using the hiveon account) will be paid out or not?
Did I lose 480 gram or will it eventually somehow be paid out?

Kind regards and have a lovely day

As long as your wallet doesnt require a memo, it will be paid out, contact support via email at [email protected] or live chat on if you need any update on payouts for anon mining